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office politics and how to deal with it in healthy manner
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office politics and how to deal with it in healthy manner

I do not know if I am in the right forum.If not request the moderators to move me in the right one.

I really need help to deal with the world in office.

Personal life(have been dealing with a bad divorce and am starting to pull myself out of the trauma).
But things are really going starnge in office.
I ted to lose my temper easily when somebody misbehaves.At my new workplace I did get all emotional  and reacted about one person literally trying to bully me(finger poiniting at my mistakes in an unhealthy and repeated manner).Now since I am new to the place,all are ganging up against me eve though its not my fault.They are not showing it directly.Its like they ignore my presence.The spineless manager I have does not appreciate and does not give me good work but only trash.I repeatedly asked him but he has hinted that I do not have the ability to do good work.

I am skeptical of going to the higher management because it will be huge fuss and I may end up resigning.But I need this job now to enhance my skill set.It might be a couple of months befre I am with a different team and project.I sometimes feel frustrated and feel like quitiing job but I feel like a loser then.Personally ,professionallly I feel as if I am being haunted my bad things.
I am tending to lose my self confidence totally.I have staretd feeling is the problem with me.Am I insaneor what. .It was difficult to stand again after the traumatic divorce process and sh** I saw in my personal front.

But am really worried of how long will be able to take my teams sh**.
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First off,  you should never lose your temper at work,  ever.  Even if you're going through a difficult divorce.  You "tend to lose your temper easily" - that's a huge,  huge mistake.  Even losing your temper one single time in an office setting can be unrecoverable.

Someone finger pointing at your mistakes should be handled in a way where you listen carefully,  and absolve to do better,  not in a loss of temper.  

Probably you could use some coaching.  

Best wishes.  It sounds like you're going through a horrible time,  but this is a mistake the way you're handling your work environment,  judging from your description of what's going on.
thanks rose for replrying back.

What kind of coaching are you refering too.

Also I understand I can in no manner lose my temper but how do I ring about an inner change.

I understand it all boils down to me having lost my faith and confidence ,and also because I feel cheated by life in general.All these negative emotions.Yet I know people come out happily even after great pain.I am trying my best to be calm and positive.But it has been tough currently.
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