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Caonstant gagging
My son is 23 years old and for the last 2 to 3 years has suffered from a constant gagging in his throat. He gags so bad that he at times will throw up. We have spent untold amount of money trying to get a solution to this with no luck. We have taken him to ear nose and throat specialist, had an upper GI, and mental health specialist. They seem to think it is from anxiety and have tried several medications to relieve it but again no luck. Three years ago our family doctor prescribed xanax which really screwed him up. It took him a year to clear out from that med but since that time he has this overwelming gagging. He is now unable to work, sociallize, and can not even leave the house now. He is becoming increasingly depressed with this. We don't know where to turn now. We need help desperately so he can have a somewhat normal life.
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