bursitis lesser trochanteric lesion???
I have had chronic hip pain for years but after Xrays and MRI's showing nothing I gave up.

Two weeks ago while at school I was trying to teach a student to "skip" and it went badly for me. It felt as if my hip came out of socket then jerked back in. It was extremely painful and I just froze. I never actually fell and I trield to walk it off. I could not sit so I would just stand. After a few minutes it was evident it was not getting any better so I limped back to my classroom and called my husband. They ended up having to call an ambulance to transport me. They did Xrays and they were fine. I was then sent to Orthopedist.

Orthopedist sends me for MRI and the results came back as follows:
"suspect bursitis of the lesser trochanteric lesion"

Orthopedist says that this is not normal and that he has not seen this before so he is referring me to a Specialist. It could take several weeks to get in and I have no idea how to proceed with Workman's Comp or what to even expect with this diagnosis. I have found very little about it on the internet.

At this time I am no longer walking with crutches but I can only put full weight on the bad side for a few steps. The hip still catches or freezes at any given time with no warning. Today as I sat in a chair I bent down and I had the worst pain in the groin area. My leg has been hot and throbbing all day. The pain normally runs from hip down to knee.

If anyone has any experience with this or know how I can research it I would be very grateful
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