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Progesterone tablets & IGM
Hi all ... so sorry it's been so long since I posted. My IGM is still stable thank the Lord, altho it did flare up at the end of August after someone said something that reduced me to a crying wreck! I have been experiencing really bad hormonal symptoms with my diagnosis of early menopause too, so that doesn't help. I went to my Drs in August after having a period and now worsening pain for a month and he agreed to refer me to my consultant for a possible hysterectomy. I've had everything in the past, from various pills, mefanamic acid to mirena coils and an ablation 3 years ago. When he did the ablation, he took out my second mirena coil and did a Hysteroscopy at the same time. A week after the op, I started with my breast lumps, which then was proved to be IGM.
I am now in a dilemma. I am due to have a general anaesthetic on Thursday to have another Hysteroscopy and more biopsies. My body doesn't cope with anaesthetic very well and I'm dreading it kicking off my IGM again :(
Then it's either progesterone tablets or a Hysterectomy. I still have doubts as to wether my second mirena coil of 2 years contributed to me getting IGM? If the coils slowly release progesterone into the system, will taking progesterone tablets kick things off again? Are there any links to progesterone and the worsening of IGM that anyone knows? I just want to be sure before I go back to see my consultant.
Thank you for taking the time to read my post, take care xx
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