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What do you do about work?
Hello everyone,

Firstly thank you to whoever set up this site - it is just what is required for what is an infuriating and stubborn disease.  After going through the cancer scare which many of you seem to have, I was diagnosed with GLM in December 2012.  After getting past the initial infection/inflammation and trying 3 different types of antibiotics, I started feeling like my old self in the new year and back to work.  I formed 3 small abcesses at the end of January which were felt too small to be drained and I just felt generally unwell - feverish, tired, dizzy when I walked.  The abcess has now burst and is painful while also very gross with regular dressing changes (apologies if TMI).

I am in Sydney, Australia and due now to see a Breast Physician who I'm hoping will provide a bit more care.  Dr's/Professors advice of you just have to wait it out, take pain killers and see what happens is very frustrating.

I guess I have 2 main areas of concern that only other sufferers can really comment on:

1.  What did you do about work?
2.  If you went on steroids, how bad is the weight gain?

I've been off work for 2 weeks now with these abscesses and feel so guilty, especially since I just started the job.  I don't want to muck the new employer around and just not sure what to do.  I'm also already 30kgs overweight and if they put me on steroids I am concerned about further weight gain and whole lot of other health risks that come with that.

Thank you all for any help you can provide.

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