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Anxiety at work
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I noticed there are many groups for each illness. So I thought of an idea to have a group where we can talk about many different mental illnesses, share our stories, suport each other, and hopefully make friends. Anyone is welcome who has a mental illness or knows someone who does or is just interested in this discussion. Topics covered include depression, anxiety, bipolar, autism, schitzophrania, and ect. So feel free to mintion other mental or emotional problems that arn't listed too.

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Anxiety at work

I tend to feel a huge surge of anxiety come through me at work sometimes, I am not sure if it's the stress or just me dwelling on it too much, Plus these heart palpitations are HORRIBLE! I want to know if I am alone?
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Hey aj_atroctiy.
Sounds like this was meant for someone else. probably not intended for you.
Did you rule out deficiencies. It might be a good idea to get some tests done.
Magnesium is a very common one, specially with palpitations and arrhythmia and
to a lesser degree with stress and anxiety.
Another common one is vitamin D, even if you get adequate sunlight, you still may have a
I use to get those long time ago. It was related to going through a very stressful period
in my life, and I did not have the tools then to distress and re-balance.
Try meditation-buy a CD if not able to-and deep breathing . Checkout Pranayama deep
Breathing. It will help. You just need to do it often enough till the habit gets instilled in you.
For a more serious condition I would seek out a good Hypnotherapist.
Take care.
Hope this helps.
Hi aj,

You are definitely not alone!! I get these as well, especially during meetings for some reason. Do you get anxious any other time as well, outside of work?
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