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Help! my mom need it
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I noticed there are many groups for each illness. So I thought of an idea to have a group where we can talk about many different mental illnesses, share our stories, suport each other, and hopefully make friends. Anyone is welcome who has a mental illness or knows someone who does or is just interested in this discussion. Topics covered include depression, anxiety, bipolar, autism, schitzophrania, and ect. So feel free to mintion other mental or emotional problems that arn't listed too.

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Help! my mom need it

My mother, 56, a teacher of nearly 30 years has in the past 3 years declined in memmory loss to the point of eating all meals with her parents, and confused nearly all the time about what's going on. she can rarely remember a single conversation from one minute to the next. her cognitive skill have declined so far she can no longer function as a woman and is back to being an adolescent child.

I am on here searching for anyone with knowledge about what may be causing this or what the next steps we can take are.  we are finding it impossible to see a doctor because of the medicaid that she is on.  any help is much appreciated, I am also interested in learning more about homeopathic remedies i.e. heavy metal cleanses, body cleanses, parasites...

Thank you,
Cool photo!  I'm sorry about your losses.

Probably the neurology or mental health expert forums are better places to go for an answer.
The symptoms could represent or mimic any number of conditions.  Severe depression, dementia, Alzheimer's, traumatic brain injury, etc.

My advice would be to post your question around in the expert forums.  (The expert on the Mental Health expert forum is good.  I would trust his information.)

Some people have spoken of low fee or zero fee clinics in the States.  Maybe trying to access one of those would be a good idea.

Did anything that you know of trigger your mother's condition?  Is there any reason to believe that a toxin may be responsible?

Try the mental health expert forum and one of those free clinics.  You could also try looking up various mental disorders in the dsm-iv if nothing else is available and you think that that may help.
Hi I agree with everything above poster says...I think you should rule out physical before getting into the mental possibilities...see your pcp ask for a recomendation to a neurologist, and see if you can get a cat scan or MRI of head/brain..lets make sure that evertyhing is fine tumors or such...also if it is beginings of alztimers this test can help with that diagnosis

Is mom taking any new medications?   I understand about money,,I will loose insurance soon and am worried about paying for my psych meds....there are free/ or sliding scale drs...also teaching could take mom into er....they must treat you...wait till something particularly unusual happens or something that could have been dangerous,,they will likely give her a cat scan.

how is he long term memory? can she look at photos of you as achid and remember what was happening..your name age etc? short term memory loss is often a symptom of alztimers..does it run in your family? it is a genetic disaese (disease).

Your a wonderful person to be so loving to your beautiful mother...Id find a way to get a brain image for her asap.

good luck
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