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about to give up
I am so sick of these seizures medicine not working I wish the world would disappear!! No hope on Lamictal XR 600 mg told therapist hope whole world would disappear!! About had it can't eat,nausea,depressed up all night can't sleep from the smell and just sick of everything!! Been sick for 1 1/2 years lost 60 pounds, got diagnosed with eating disorder now seizures.. and had it!! Will it ever get better?? Or just keep getting worse?
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Hello there,
The medication you describe, Lamictal , is used in the treatment of epilepsy. I just found this out in a medical reference book. You say
you've been sick for a year and a half and that you lost 60 lbs.
That's an awful lot of weight. I see in the book, that nausea is one of
the common side effects. It sounds like this medication does not agree
with you. By therapist, do you mean a psychiatrist ? I've just guessing
this as its usually psychiatrists that dispense medications. Anyway, you
might tell your therapist that Lamictal makes feel sick to your stomach
and to put you on another medication to treat epilepsy. Surely, there
must be other epilepsy medications. Is it possible for you to goggle
epilepsy medications and see what other medications there are to
treat epilepsy. Once you know a bit more about other epilepsy meds,
you can ask your therapist that you want to try another one. It sounds
to me like you don't have an eating disorder. You just have to get off
the Lamictal and try another epilepsy medication. If for whatever reason
your therapist refuses to change it, says give it some more time.
You've already been on this medication for 1 and a half years. That's
lots of time for your body to get used to it. Find another therapist who
is willing to prescribe another type of epilepsy medication for you.
It must be horrible feeling nauseas all the time. I wish you luck.
Don't give up !   Eve

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I take seizure meds the Neru prescribes the lamictal .. didn't say the thetpist does it just told her I want to disappear...
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