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How accurate are gut instincts
I saw a "ghost" when I was about 11 yrs old but never told anyone fearing ridicule.
Now, at 45, I have been touched, sense being watched, hear doors rattling at 3 am.etc. unexplained things.
I was home recovering for 6 mos. from ACDF neck fusion surgery, and did an evp one night out of boredom. I heard responses on the recorder hearing a name after asking what their name was, and a "yes" in response to asking if they needed to get a message to someone still on this side. (btw the name spoken was same as person who passed in this house-freaky!)My instincts and predictions are about 80% in becoming reality. Anyone experienced this?
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I'm not for sure I can say mine are accurate.  Lately, I've been more in tune with them, but when they hit I am not able to pin point what they are trying to convey.  

For instance, the other day about about noon, I began to feel all kinds of anxiety.  This nervous energy was building up, and I could not figure out why.  Later in the day, I ended up in a position that I was uncomfortable with.  

I get anxiety like this all of the time... well, frequently anyways.  I'm never able to figure out exactly what it is telling me, but more like a message to "be aware".  

I spoke with a person who told me how to work on this to refine it, but I really don't have the time right now.  

So yeah, there is something to gut instincts.
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Hi momiller66.
You can trust gut instincts more than your conscious thoughts.
That is the general rule. Check my reply in the previous post for details.
Your experience is actually more "normal" than what most people believe!
Earthbound spirits are spirits that have not crossed to the other side yet.
You may help them by encouraging them to do so.
But first  you need to protect yourself. It's rather easy though and you only need to do it once.
Visualize vividly with all your attention and intention, a translucent but impermeable protective shield, the color of your choice, surrounding your body. Give this shield all the power to keep any UNWANTED energy away
from you, allowing only well intended positive energy in.
Stay with this visualized shield for a few minutes, while allowing bright light
through this shield and into your body. Let it feel you up! Feel the good energy vibrate and energize you.
Now you have permanently protected yourself from negative energies.

Your heightened intuitive abilities, are a sign of  a Higher Purpose agreement and any deviation from this results in events in your life, that
are"telling"you  to get on this Path. Is there anything in your life that "feels"
incomplete? Are there unexplained events, seemingly occurring at random? Ask for answers from the Universe. They will come, as long as you stay open and pay attention.

Have an internal dialogue with your spirit house-mates.
They will let you know things if you allow them.
Treat them fairly, but firmly. Being earthbound, they're like humans
with attitude and emotions! And they can try things. But remember, you should have protection, if you followed the instructions, so there's nothing to fear.
After the dialogue, you should be able to give them permission to move on
to the other side. You are dealing with entities that are like kids.
They can act mean, but that is usually a disguise. They are insecure and more in need to receive help, than to cause damage or harm.
So treat them and guide them accordingly. In their backround while, there are usually parental, sibling  or children's issues anything from abuse, rape
and murder or sudden death and this does not exclude outsiders involvement. You may have to carry on a task of sorts, as unfinished business is VERY common. What took place is NO coincidence, and it may be part of your purpose to help bring this to a conclusion.
Isn't this fun? Brace yourself.
There might be more of this coming your way.

I have been "Up there" twice and this allows me to know a lot more than what my conscious mind tells me.  
Post again! You must have questions and comments. Or pm me directly.
How about the untold ghost story? (weird! the word ghost as I typed it disappeared in front of my eyes!) Hmm. Wanna share perhaps?
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Think everyone's are different. Mine have been false thankfully, I have had a heavy gut instinct that I was certain i was going to die while having a panic attack or get dr.s to reply on a test and everything was thankfully ok when I was certain it was bad. Extremely grateful though that they were false. Maybe yours' are real and it is a ghost or maybe it's a sense of anxiety or a stray thought in the back of your head that is giving you the creeps.
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Sorry didn't fully read that part of the EVP. That is awesome.
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