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Mother in law visiting
Kind of interesting.  My mother in law passed away a while back.  The other night, I cannot remember what kind of day I had, but when I went to bed, I clearly smelled cigarette smoke.  Mom was a smoker, but nobody in the house smokes.... I don't think anyone in the neighborhood smokes for that matter, and besides that, we all live on 2 acre lots, so it would take someone smoking in the house or right outside the window to created that smell.

Also, the same night I kept seeing shadow figures.  Quite a few of them, and not just in the house either.  At work, in the gym.  I'm not scared by them and don't pick up any bad energy or anything.  I really feel as if it is my mother in law stopping in, or perhaps my grandmother.

Oh well, that's all I have.  Have a good one!
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