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some people have had real paranormal activity in their own houses,jobs, or neighborhood. some people dont believe in the "after life" i do and i think i have expirenced it a few times. this is a place where you can share any kind of expirence you have had with the after life, paranormal, or ghost. weather it be friends, family, or someone just trying to tell you something from the other side.

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psychic ability

I'm trying to find a way to say this without sounding like or looking like a nut case.  Does anyone know how to better develop ones psychic ability?

I've tried (this is the 5th time) to explain what I am talking about.  Most of this ability is about me.  It's not like I can really "feel" something for someone else.  Recently for instance, I was talking to my sister about my mother's health and some kind of a plan to get together and try to get some things worked out.  Out of nowhere, a very specific, very important bill popped into my head.  I could literally see the bill.  (Property taxes)  I knew that my mother had not paid any f her property taxes in some time.  My sister investigates this queery the very next morning and finds out that my mother had NOT paid property taxes in a couple of years and that someone had filed a quick claim deed on one piece of property.  (We had time to get it cleared up, thank goodness and no property was lost.)

Other times, completely random things will pop into my head, out of the blue.  There is quite a bit of inaccuracy here.  Also, not as much... what should I say... connection.  It's like I am one or two clicks off of the radio dial and am not getting a clear signal.  But anyhow, random things pop up and this happens on a more regular basis.  An example would be, an old friend pops into my head and then I run into them.  Another is, I'll get a random feeling that something is wrong, or Ill pick up tension that will manifest out of the blue.  Something like an argument will happen.

Anyone with any experience regarding any of this, please get back to me.  Perhaps I'll be better able to explain some of what I am encountering.  Thanks in advance.
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i think you have clairvoyance.
About this from Wikipedia: ''The term clairvoyance (from 17th century French with clair meaning "clear" and voyance meaning "vision") is used to refer to the ability to gain information about an object, person, location or physical event through means other than the known human senses,[1][2] a form of extra-sensory perception. A person said to have the ability of clairvoyance is referred to as a clairvoyant ("one who sees clearly"). ''
see if this is characterizing you.
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There are 4 psychic senses.
1. Psychic Feeling with its reception located at the solar plexus (gut feeling)
2. Psychic Intuition with its reception being at the top of the head (crown)
3. Psychic Hearing or Clairaudience with its reception being on each side of the head and above the ears (temporal lobes)
4. Psychic Vision or Clairvoyance with its reception located at the third eye.

You have undeveloped Psychic Intuition (the gift of knowing) as your dominant  psychic sense -same as me.
Do you experience flashes of unexpected insight?
Are you a great anticipator of problems and challenges?
Do you just know the needs of loved ones and family members?
Do you get easily bored and not complete all the projects you start?
Are you usually at the right place at the right time?
If you answered yes to most of these, then my aforementioned statement
is correct.
This psychic ability can be enhanced greatly.
1. Sit down, close your eyes and relax.
2. Imagine a bright light in a shape of a funnel above your head with
its narrow opening pointing down and into your head.
3. Intend openness and allow your attention to enter the funnel.
4. Do not try to experience anything. Allow experience to come in.
5. Alternate opening eyes awareness and closing eyes awareness and paying attention at the reception location (top of head/crown)
6. Sense and feel the impressions coming in and the elevated attunement.
The more this simple exercise is practiced the easier it becomes to "tune in".
My psychic experiences take place on a daily basis.
Among the many things I do is custom jewellery design and I always know what a client likes. I have never had a single design rejected by anyone!
When I have Therapy sessions with clients, I simply know what to elicit from them to get down to the core immediately and help resolve life long issues amazingly fast!
It is simply an incredible way of being, doing and living. Set your attention and intention to anything at all and let things come in. At a certain point
you will just know - almost automatically.
Gotta catch some zzzs now!

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Thanks for the input.  Niko, I could pretty much answer yes to all of the questions you listed above.  I also feel that there may be something else happening that I cannot exactly put my finger on either.

We were just on a rather stressful trip to visit my mother who is at a certain level of failing health (mentally).  I was very intuitive regarding a lot of things that happened regarding my mother.... knowing, not guessing, but knowing she would cancel appointments, knowing she would not be receptive to certain things.... and I guess some of that could be that I know my mother rather well.  

The other thing that I am talking about that I experienced during this trip was "feeling" what my mother feels.  Shes arthritic, I had a good deal of joint pain and I am seldom in pain as far as arthritis goes.  My hands are bad from my old profession, but everything else is pretty good.  It's what I'd consider normal wear and tear.  I also felt my mothers respiratory issues.... I know this has been going on for some time, and she would not let on that there is a problem.  I knew there was, and she tried to put it off as her arthritis.... I could feel the pain and anxiety that she is feeling....

While there, we had a family dinner at a popular spot.  I ate way outside my diet and ended up feeling not so good.  We got home, I sat around for a few minutes and turned in.  Lead.... I felt like lead....  inert, heavy, motionless....  I plugged my phone charger in to charge my cell phone.  I pushed it all the way into the wall and it made the familiar click.  I then attached it to the phone, set the phone on the dresser and sat on the bed to take my socks off.  The phone came unplugged from the wall (which takes a bit of effort to do) and also from the charger, simultaneously....  When that happened, I felt a disconnect from my concerns regarding my mother and fell fast asleep... like in less than 5 minutes.  (It always takes longer than 5 minutes to fall asleep for me.)

Since then (its only been 2 days)  I've been real stressed out.... not sure what it all means.
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Adding to the above, lack of sleep sometimes makes a big difference in my intuition.  I slept well while on vacation @ my mothers, but got less sleep than normal.  Today is my first day back at work and I had a horrible nights rest last night.... as I stated in the first post, my thoughts are sometimes so random that it is hard to latch on to them.

I've got a feeling that the next few days are going to be real weird.  I cannot pin point anything, but have a real real weird feeling about this next week.
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Odd you mentioned this. I've experienced this as well through lack of sleep. It is not insanity either as I nailed a thought to a tee. Scared the hell out of me. I was with my now ex girlfriend and we were sitting in her aunt's truck waiting in the parking lot for her as she got groceries. The radio was left on with music. Out of nowhere I heard "life insurance" randomly pop into my head. The song just ended and went to commercial's literally seconds later it was a commercial about life insurance. Has happened on other occassions as well. This does sound insane but wondering if lack of sleep does open up our brain's other "forbidden" functions that we're not supposed to be able to use.
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Also yes, it usually had only happened in small fragments at least 20-30 seconds ahead of whatever it was that came true that i had thought. Very strange and interesting.
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Ive experience this as you have, i remember being young, bout 7 years ago, i was 7 and i had bought a new toy that which i had wanted to show my grandpa i loved so dear, that night i remember dreaming of a sad experience that i could not understand and found myself awake, sitting up screaming "i cant show him! Hes gone!" Bout five minutes after this we got a call saying my grandfather died 5 minutes ago.. and i continue to see these things in my dreams, good and bad. Of friends and family and im just so confused because everythime it happens i awake to a ringing in my head and a pressure on me..
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