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D Deficiency Will I ever stand and walk normally again?
Diagnosed at 18ng last March. Took 50000 iu D3 for 4 months, then 10000 daily after reaching 45 ng.  Energy level much better, but my main problem is the use of my legs.  Muscles seem very weak, balance is not good.  Great difficulty standing for any period and walking is labored.  Also, have jumpy legs night and day.  Am on Mirapex, but dosage no longer completely controls RLS.  It is extremely difficult to lift myself up off the floor and walking is a chore.  Did not have pain before beginning D treatment, but now hip and shin bones ache.  I figure I have been D deficient for about 10 years.  Am I being too impatient?  Will I ever be able to walk normally again?
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I'm not a doctor and cannot claim that your weakness is only being caused by your previous vitamin d deficiency for sure. Vitamin D deficiency heals very slowly, at the very minimum you need to give it 6 months and in some cases up to 12 months for recovery. Please read this:

"In another clinical investigation, female patients with osteomalacia who responded to vitamin D supplementation first noticed symptom resolution at about 40 days after the start of therapy, and pain relief was nearly complete by roughly 90 days [de la Jara et al. 2006]. However, one
of the patients required 7 months of supplementation to become pain-free.
Similarly, other researchers have suggested  that bone-related pain may require approximately 3 months of adequate vitamin D supplementation for its relief [de la Jara et al. 2006; Heath
and Elovic 2006]. However, muscle pain may need 6 months and muscle weakness or fatigue may
require up to 12 months to resolve [de la Jara et al. 2006; Glerup et al 2000b; Heath and Elovic 2006], but
some improvements in muscle discomfort could be felt within 4 to 6 weeks.
Overall, Vasquez and colleagues [2004] recommended that at least 5 to 9 months should be
allowed for fully assessing either the benefits or ineffectiveness of vitamin D supplementation.
Likewise, Vieth et al. [2004] suggested that the greatest physiologic responses may occur after
6 months of supplementation.
Therefore, the timeframe recommended in this report – monitoring results for up to 3
months – should be a minimum period of watchful waiting. Some patients may start to notice
improvements within weeks, if they are alert to subtle changes, while others may become discouraged unless they are advised at the start  that vitamin D supplementation could take a
number of months, even up to 9 months, to reach its full potential in helping to relieve musculoskeletal aches, pains, and/or related symptoms. "

http://pain-topics.org/pdf/vitamind-report.pdf#search="vitamin d"

I am 3.5 months into treatment and still have weak muscles too. Fatigue is still there but slowly improving. I started at 10 ng/ml however. Currently at 60ng/ml.
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