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Diet and Vitamin D deficiency
Hello to you All,

After a year of weird illness I was finally diagnosed with a vitamin D deficiency (14 ng/ml, while the norme is 50-80). The endocrinologist put me on 50 000 IU once per week, for 8 weeks and said to get back after for a check. He didn't give me any magnesium or calcium supplements, but I am taking on my own a low dosage of both of them. I am still wondering what was the reason of this deficiency (yes, as everybody in Western Europe in winter I didn't see sun much, but still...) and thought that may be the cause was is my diet? I do not eat meat (although fish I do eat), so fats I consume are mostly vegetable oils, and since the vitamin D is fat soluble is oil soluble, may be the part of the problem is here? Anyways, with the treatmnt, I do feel better, but my heart still pounders hard sometimes (may be magnesium insufficiency still.?), hope it will improve soonest.
So do you think there is any link between consumin little of animal fat and VDD?
Thanks a lot
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