How long does is take to feel better?
by robynann13, Oct 22, 2011
Hi everyone,  I just found this Forum - thanks for creating it!   I just found out my Vit D is very low. I have a mysteriously acquired a fracture in my foot and have been been feeling more and more fragile, anxious and very tired.

My Dr has advised 5000 units a day for a month.   I am just wondering how long it takes to build back up Vit D levels?

thanks Robyn
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by Gary3243, Oct 24, 2011
What is your level?  Studies out there state that it can take 6 months to a year after getting levels to normal for symptom resolution, however everyone is different.  Good luck.
by Seattleanne, Nov 04, 2011
How low? I would count on 6 months to start feeling better and one year before you consistently feel good. And I'm sorry to say it is likely that you will feel worse before you feel better. But it's vital that you hang in there!! The pain and heightened symptoms actually means you're healing.
Did you say 5k ?? I suggest 10k
by Lauralight, Nov 04, 2011
Did your Dr. say anything about monitoring you calcium intake or levels? I see physicians warn the be careful about dosing and what it can do to calcium if your not taking enough. And it sounds concerning if you had a fracture of a bone?
by Phyllis2010, Nov 05, 2011
Calcium should be monitored along with vitamin D levels. Also, many docs will monitor parathyroid/calcium/vitamin D levels, depending upon age and other clinical variables. Lately some studies have suggested that you can take too much calcium.
by Jceee, Dec 17, 2011
I am a new sufferer of this horrible deficiency. I was tested at 17. I like so many of you went through, and still am, test after test and doctor after doctor. with every test Mri's, bloodwork, ENT hearing tests etc. coming back as normal. My main symptoms are vertigo/dizzyness/lightheaded, fatigue, fullness in my right ear, and foggy brain. My GP who I admire greatly and have had for 18 years thought I should go on anti-deppresants because I started to have anxiety and minor depression. It wasn't until I spoke with a friend about the connection of my symptoms to Vitamin D deficiency that I asked my GP to prescribe me 50,000 I.U. of Vitamin D2 for 12 weeks. I am currently on my third dose (18 days) and feel about the same. I am awaiting results for celiac and testosterone levels but am currently at my wits end. I before this was a totally happy go lucky guy, with a positive outlook on life. Now I feel like a frightened child. I am also getting treatment through a chiropractor, he feels my dizzyness could be cause by my self adjustments to my neck over the past 10 years, because my C-1 and C-2 were way out of alignment.. anyway thank God I found this forum alot of you... Phllis2010, VitaminDiva, Seattleanne,Bisan among many others give me the hope I will get better.. I am not one to normally join forums but all of you are my support group even though I have supportive family and friends, they just don't understand what this deficiency is capable of. I know I am early into my treatment but I just need the support of anyone who can give it. I want my life back and need to know this is temporary.              
by TW1985, Jan 27, 2012
I totally agree with you and am glad I joined this forum also.  Just like you before this bought with low vitman d I was living a great life, now it seems that my life has taken a turn for the worse! Still in all I am thankful because it could be worse! We just have to make it through and prayerfully we'll begin to feel back to normal as soon as possible. I'm a 27 yr old female with a husband and 16 month old daughter that I want to be able to enjoy LIFE with and this defeciency makes it so hard at times.  I often wonder is there something else going on that the doctors aren't catching!! Like you and everyone else I've had numerous tests, extensive blood and lab work, upper and lower endoscopy, mri's, chest x-ray's, abdominal ct scan's, and the list goes on.  But of course everything checks out fine.  I never would imagine that something that seems so simple could cause so much worry, and wear and tear on the body.  So, let's keep each other posted with our progress!!
by Jceee, Jan 29, 2012
I am so glad you joined! many of these members have helped me through what, as it turns out, was one of the most difficult times of my life!
I have an update since my last post. I have been taking 10,000 IUs of D3 daily, 400 MG of magnesium citrate, omega 3, a multi vitamin and vitamin C. Most of my symptoms have passed, although from time to time I get a little lightheaded, not nearly as bad as when I was in the middle of my "nightmare" though. It has been 8 weeks since I have been on my suppliments so I am being patient as to rebuilding my immune system and feeling 100% "normal" Be patient and stay positive! I know, believe me I know, how hard it could be to stay positive. When you need support, leave me a message I will be there. This deficiency is horrible! What was your vitamin D level? also list your symptoms. Take care!
by Gary3243, Jan 31, 2012
Are you taking the 50k of D2 a week and 10k of D3 per day?  Did you get your t levels back?  I found my t levels are at the low normal range, and had a varicocele repair done.  I think the low t and my low VD are giving me a 1-2 punch.  Also had a bad gallbladder taken out a few months ago, so that may have had somehitng to do with things.  Ive been supplmenting for a a little less than a year now (diagnosed at 17ng back in 1/11).  I need to be more conistent.  Been taking 5k per day but not always faithful.  I also need to be supplementing 1000mg of calcium and 500mg of magnesium.  Now at 31ng.  been bouncing between low 40s and low 30s.
by ducky16, Oct 04, 2012
About a year a go I started feeling really ill but I didn't think nothing of it at the time I was 15 and had my exams at the end of school and I couldn't focus at all I was constantly feeling faint I went to the doctors and they reccommended a blood test. It came back with low vitamin D I was on 50,000 IU for 2 weeks every day and then when that course had finished I was on 400 IU of calcichew - D3 day and night and still am its been 4 months since I finshed my 50,000 IU and I've had ups and downs but I still don't feel that great so to anyone reading this and feeling the same you're not alone!