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IS Ringing in ears and Vitamin D deficiency Related?
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IS Ringing in ears and Vitamin D deficiency Related?

I have ringing in ears for the past 5 weeks. The ringing varies quite often. Sometimes it becomes high pitched that I cant handle it, sometimes it keeps swaying, sometimes it becomes very low. Also, my ears itch and hurt sometimes.

I went to an ENT specialist and he checked my ears and said everything is ok with my ears and said that I have tinnitus. I was having a blocked nose and post nasal drip then. He suggested I use sudafed which I did. But It did not help me in anyway.

I got my thyroid test done and it turned out that my TSH is 0.27; My T3 and T4 are normal. My endocrinologist said I was over medicated and reduced my dosage. Currently I am taking 50 mcg for 3 days and 100 mcg for 4 days.

I also got my complete blood work done. It turned that I have Vitamin D insufficiency which is 10.3. My doctor put me on Vitamin D 1000 UI.

I started using this medication since 3 days. I also am using Gingko Balboa for the ringing (not sure if this is helpful) and am also taking Vitamin B.

I do find a little improvement where the ringing becomes very minimal for a few minutes but then it increases again.

I am curious to know if either my thyroid or Vitamin D insufficiency is causing this.

Update: I spoke to my endocronologist today and asked him if Vitamin D causes ringing in ears and he said he never heard of that.

I am starting to get worried about this.

I am determined to get rid of the ringing in ears. Please suggest so I can identify the root cause and cure the problem.
How are you now?

I haven't experienced ringing myself, but lately I've had some stinging pain in my ears. It comes and goes (like evey pain related to VDD does for me...), often it's the right ear but sometimes it's the left.
I relate it to the D-deficiency, and my doctor says that basically every organ/system could be troubled by the VDD.
Back when my numbers were low, I did have some ringing/buzzing/humming in my ears.  It was such a long time ago that I had completely forgotten about it.  No one said it was related to the VDD, but now that my numbers are in the "normal" range I haven't noticed it.  Granted I seem to always have some noise in my ears, which I notice when things are very quiet.  Let us know when you get into normal ranges with your D and if you are still have the ringing.
I too have some ringing in the ears... Not too bad tho. I'm concerned that you are only taking 1000 iu. 10.3 is very low. 10k iu/ day for several months would be more likely to raise your levels.
D3 is more easily utilized by the body than d2 it should be noted. Also make sure you are taking magnesium daily and getting at least 1000 mg calcium in your diet.
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