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Levels Too Low To Read.....
Hello. I am so glad to have found this forum. I am a 28 year old married mother of 1. This past July I started to feel " not like myself". It was a slow onset of symptoms and by October I was in my doctors office with complaints of stomach pain, menstrual like cramping, joint pain, muscle pain etc. She ordered labs and the only thing that came back not normal was a slightly elevated muscle inflammation. I was relieved it was nothing too serious but frustrated she didn't have answers for my chronic pain.

A week later I was in the ER with chest discomfort and dizziness. I have a blood disorder that causes blood clots so the ER doc ran a blood clot rest which was slightly elevated. Because of my blood disorder he suggested a CT scan to make sure I did not have a clot in my lungs...everything came back normal.

That same afternoon I had more blood work done at my docs office to test my Parathyroid and Vitamin D levels. That Friday she called to tell me she had found something. My Vit D levels were so low they could not even be read. She suggested I take supplements as I am not a big milk drinker bad don't sun bathe. The frustrating thing was when I went to the pharmacy to pick my script up, she had only ordered a 250 IU strength! The pharmacist suggested I take something OTC. So, for the last three and a half weeks I have been taking about 6000 IU a day.

I do feel a bit better but wonder how long it will take to feel completely normal again. I got to the point I felt like I was literally dying. I was exhausted and some days didn't even know how I would get out of bed. I was diagnosed with IBS and Endometriosis. With the combination of Prilosec and Supplements my stomach pain has pretty much ceased and I no longer have the cramping but still have the following symptoms:

Hip pain
Muscle pain
Joint pain
Bouts of insomnia
Rib pain
Back pain
Feel depressed sometimes
Itchy skin

I am curious as to what symptoms other people are or have experienced. I am also frustrated that doctors don't make this a routine blood test. It is so easy to test for and so many people suffer for so long with it. Any replies would be very much appreciated. Looking for some hope so I can be the mom my son deserves.
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