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Shortness of breath?
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Shortness of breath?

My saga began last January with a bout of double pneumonia.  I have not felt the same since.  It's been a long 14 months.

I am always short of breath with a constant pressure in my chest.  I have been under the care of my general practitioner and a pulmonologist.  I do not have asthma or allergies.  Last month, my pulmonologist told me that I am D deficient (my level is 20 and I am taking 5,000/day) and I was wondering if others with Vitamin D deficiency experience shortness of breath?  (I am having a stress test this week to help rule out a heart condition.  2 EKGs have been normal.)

My other symptoms are:
joint/bone pain
severe fatigue
waking up in the middle of the night
weird random cold sensations
night sweats
weight gain (I'm 5' 5" and about 133 lbs.  I should be 125lbs max.)
brain fog (big time!)

(I have had sensitivity in the Fibro trigger points for years, but my (former) doctor just said basically that I have fibro and I should take antidepressants.  Instead I got a trainer, exercised and ate right and felt better until the pneumonia hit!)

Thanks for any thoughts/comments!
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Hi, and welcome to the forum! :)

YES, I've had pressure in the chest and felt that it was hard to breathe/that I struggled to breathe after doing the easiest thing.
This started last spring for me, and the doctor listened to my lungs and even ordered a chest x-ray - everything was fine of course. I got diagnosed with VDD before christmas, and many of my symptoms are the same as yours :) I was at about 13, now I'm up to 56 (!), some symptoms are still with me. Actually most of them, but many are less severe. The strange thing is - the chest-thing was gone for a long time, but now it has come back. I'm thinking it is here to say goodbye once and for all ;)

(I also have sensitive fibro trigger points, barometry and other 'fobro signs', my doctor hasn't done much about it - but really, there aren't that much she can do... I do believe that once the VDD is healed, it'll all be fine :) )

I've got to tell you that it took 3 months on D (starting at 2500 IUs, up to 5000, then 7400 for a while. I also have visited a UV-bed for a few minutes twice a week since mid january) before I could say that I sensed improvement. It is a slooooow process, so hang in there!

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I had many symptoms some D deficiency related and some not (see symptom thread). When I was finally diagnosed with D deficiency I had the same level that you have -- 20. Among my symptoms I did have heart palpitations and some shortness of breath (hot summer days/climbing stairs). I should add that I also have benign colloid nodules on my thyroid. My levels are now in the 40's and practically all of my symptoms have resolved or are greatly improved. It took me awhile (about 6 months) to get my D levels up. I had a bad response to megadoses of 50,000 IUs D2 and it was through this forum that I learned I needed to take D3. Doses of 4400 IU D3 gel caps worked for me -- I'm still on this dose hoping my D level rise further. Be patient and stick with it!!!!!! And, welcome to the forum.
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Hi there and welcome! Yes! I share all the symptoms you listed... You might want to take a look at the thread about symptoms as you may find that some if your other experiences that you thought were not related might be due to this vdd also!
Good luck with the stress test :)
A lot of the symptoms that go along with vdd mimic other conditions, including the shortness of breath/chest pain and pressure, arthritis....you will also find that a great many, if not most, ppl with vdd have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia. I think that vdd actually IS undiagnosed vdd, myself.
I second 9na and phyllis regarding sticking with this! It not only takes allot of time, but also can feel just as bad maybe worse before it feels better. There are theories about why this is; I believe it's because the body is healing massive damage to nerves, bones, muscles...and that the correction takes a lot of energy and hurts like setting and healing a broken bone does. That said, the great news is that the body is spectacular at healing itself when it has the proper tools ( vitamin d, in our case ).
Important!: make sure you are taking at least 300 in magnesium with your d3!! They work together and d cannot do what it does without magnesium and calcium.
Good luck!
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