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Should i take more vitamin D??
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Should i take more vitamin D??

In november 2011 I was diagnosed with a vit D deficiency of 6 ng/ml after going to the dr with complaints of body pain. The Dr. put me on the 50,000 iu/week for 3 months and asked me to check my levels again after 2-3 months. I went back to get my levels checked after 2 months in jan 2012 and my level had gone upto 64 ng/ml. After finishing the 50,000iu for 3 months i started taking about 4000 ius/day. In march of 2011 i was checked again and my vit d was now 67 ng/ml. This was about 1 month after stopping the 50,000iu prescription supplement. It took about 6-7 months for my pain to gradually decrease. I am still not pain free and i still get episodes of leg pain and back pain.
Now, about a month ago (about 5 months after my last vit d blood test)  i had my annual physical and rechecked the vit d test and now my level had gone down to 38 ng/ml. It had dropped a whole 30 points. I asked mY doctor if i should increase my dosage but she said that 38 was still in the normal range and that i should just continue on the 4000ius/day. Somedays i feel like my pain in my hands and legs is returning. What should i do? Should i continue on 4000ius/day or should i go higher??
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Hi Singlesh,

I read this thread by your:

I am close to 5 months into treatment and just like you I've started to experience a couple weeks here and there where I am feeling much better but now I am going through a huge and sudden increase in symptoms. Except for me my pain completely went away after 2.5 months of vitamin D. I just can't seem to get over the crushing fatigue and muscle weakness though, it comes and goes. My initial level was a 10 and it was in the 50s during my last check in mid July.

If I were you I would take at least 5000-6000 IU daily since you are still recovering. I am taking 7000 IU/day myself.

Do you have symptoms other than pain? Like fatigue and weakness? If they have already resolved, how long did they take to go away?
It seems like everyone who has had vitamin D deficiency has dealt with this weird ups and downs of the symptoms, yet I don't see it documented in any medical journal. Though Michael Holick M.D. wrote in his book, The Vitamin D solution, that both pain and weakness can come and go during vitamin D deficiency and that it can take up to a year before one starts to feel better. He mentioned that the recovery takes a lot of patience :( Hopefully neither of us needs to suffer too much more.
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