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Some Impressive Statements About Vitamin D
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Some Impressive Statements About Vitamin D

About the sun and vitamin D:

The sun is the orchestra leader for the dance of life. Every living thing on earth vibrates to the energy of the sun, including people. For a long time people have been victims of a huge scam that made them think they were supposed to hide indoors or under a blanket of sunscreen while the rest of life basked in the glory of the sun. Now they are catching on that they too need the sun's life-giving force. ~ Barbara Minton, natural health editor.

The danger of too much sun is minimal — the danger of too little sun is enormous. ~ Dr. Michael R. Eades.

Humans make thousands of units of vitamin D within minutes of whole body exposure to sunlight. From what we know of nature, it is unlikely such a system evolved by chance. ~ Dr. John Cannell, Executive Director, Vitamin D Council.

The big mistake was that the idea that sun exposure causes melanoma went public before it was proved. In fact, we don't know what causes melanoma. ~ Sam Shuster, Professor Emeritus, Department of Dermatology, Newcastle University.

About vitamin D and cancer, heart disease:

This is like the Holy Grail of cancer medicine; vitamin D produced a drop in cancer rates greater than that for quitting smoking, or indeed any other countermeasure in existence. ~ Dennis Mangan, clinical laboratory scientist.

No other method to prevent cancer has been identified that has such a powerful impact. ~ Dr. Cedric Garland, Vitamin D expert.

I do think vitamin D is one of the most promising nutrients for prevention of cardiac disease and cancer, and I believe in it strongly. ~ Dr. JoAnn Manson, Professor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School.

Hope these are helpful.  They made me take my vitamin D!

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Hey, great comments about the necessity of sun exposure. Unfortunately, as we get older our bodies become less efficient at absorbing vitamin D from the sun. At my age (61), I'd have to be in the sun about an hour and a half to absorb the same amount of vitamin D I would have gotten within 20 minutes when I was in my 20's. Also, I'm very fair skinned -- this could explain why osteoporosis is more prevalent in fair skinned women -- we've never been able to get enough vitamin D due to sunburn.
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