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Symptoms back again after a lull of 3 weeks?
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Symptoms back again after a lull of 3 weeks?

I was diagnosed with a D deficiency of 6 ng/ml about 4 months ago in November 2011. I had symptoms of bone pain, mulscle pain etc. in my legs, hips, lower back and pretty much everywhere. I was started on 50,000 iu supplements for 12 weeks. About 9 weeks later, i was rechecked and my levels had gone up to 64 ng/ml but my symptoms remained. I had heard taht it can take 3 months or more for symtoms (symptoms) to improve so just kept taking supplemets and suffering through the pain. Around the 4 month mark which was about 3 weeks back i started feeling a little better where the pain seemed like it was lessening. I still felt a little pain but i genuinely started feeling better for about 3 weeks. Since yesterday, the same pain has returned again and in full force. I don't know what is going on. I had another vitamin d test about about 3 weeks back and my levels were at 67 ng/ml so it was normal. I don;t understand what is happeneing anymore....why has the pain returned? Did anyone else experience this where they experienced less pain for 3 weeks or so and then it returned again??
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Symptoms can start to improve one you have been able to get your numbers into the optimum level (50-90ng/ml), but you have to maintain that level.  Are you still on the 50,000iu D2 or has your physician changed your meds?  Also, it can take a year or more to how resultion of symptoms.  That was from a study done several years back.
For me I experience a backlash of symptoms when my physicain changed my dosing and when I had a drop in my numbers.  I would also have my good and bad days.  Slowly progressing to where I had more good days then bad.
My levels have been in the 60's for the past 3 months now. My level was checked in january and then in the beginning of march. I am not on the prescription supplements anymore but i am now taking OTC supplements of about 4000iu in total.
I guess because i was feeling better for a couple of weeks, i figured i was getting better and this return of symptoms has just frustrated me again.
Thanks for your response!
I will know mid April if I have been able to keep my number's up the the OTC D3 at 5000iu/d.  If I have it will be 6 months + of good numbers.  Most days I feel great!  Have you been checked for Fibromyalgia?  Not all VDD people of Fibromyalgia.  But a good 80% of Fibromyalgia patient's have VDD.  I think I got this information off the vitamin D council's website, but won't swear to it's authenticity.
It is OK to be frustrated!  I hope your symptoms improve quickly.
I came across this site while searching for Vit D and B12 deficiency.  A lot of people here seem to be quite knowledgeable on this subject and might be able to shed some light on my dilemma and may help reduce my anxiety.

I'm a reasonably active person.  I work 8-10hrs a day.  Play badminton 3-4 times a week.  Golf once a week.  I'm out with friends till 1am about 4 times a week.

I've always had minor joint and muscle pain on and off but my major symptoms appeared 3 weeks ago.  Suddenly I started to feel muscle and joint pain along with exhaustion.  I chalked it as fatigue due to overactive lifestyle and decided to take a few days rest.  After 3-4days of rest I felt no better.  Even after a 12hr sleep, I woke up exhausted and lethargic.  Naturally I panicked and went to my physician.  After a physical he told me that everything seems fine and it seems exhaustion.  Told me to rest and gave me a couple of meds for relaxation.

Next day it became worse; fatigue, joint/muscle pain/weakness became bad to a point that the walk from my bed to the bathroom was a major task.  I couldn't even keep my eyelids open.  

This is all what i started to feel:
Exhaustion even after a full nite sleep, joint ache, bone pain, muscle ache, muscle weakness, heavy eyelids, lack of concentration, foggy vision, anxiety, depression, irritability.  All these symptoms came within 3-4 days.  Nothing was gradual except maybe muscle ache that i always blamed it on sports.

I called my doc and he had me stop all meds and ordered the following blood tests:
CBC, CPK, Serum Calcium, Cholestrol, Serum TSH, 25-Hydroxy VitaminD,   Glucose Fasting, Serum B12, and Plasma PTH (Parathroid Hormone).

After 4 days of waiting all tests came out normal except:
25-Hydroxy Vit D - 10.1 ng/ml
Serum B12 - 178 pg/ml

After the results the doc put me on the following:
D3 - 600,000 IU shot once a month for 3 months
Neurobion - 1amp shot every 2nd day for 20days and then once a month for 6 months
Qalsan-D - Calcium Product - 1/day

I'm already 2 weeks into my treatment.  I felt better after a week.  My fatigue was less, anxiety and depression was less, muscle weakness was less.  Muscle pain, joint pain, and bone pain was still there.  Then suddenly on sat all symptoms came back especially the sleepiness and fatigue.  Spoke to the doc and he said that to give it a month before I will feel improvements.

Just anxious about 2 things:

1)  is it normal to have good and bad days during the treatment especially in the early stages?

2)  to me, my symptoms came suddenly.  there was no gradual increase in fatigue, aches or pains, anxiety etc.  I had minor aches and pains on and off but that seemed normal due to sports.  It seemed like it my body broke down overnite.  Is this possible with vit d and b12 deficiency?  I'm scared that there might be something else that is going on.

sorry for the long story and thanks.
I have both B12 and VDD.  The B12 was identified first several years before the VDD.
I do feel that many of my symptoms of VDD came on quickly (which is why at first the doctor did not test for Vitamin D).  He did reach my B12 level which was low normal and thought that I had an ear infection or some other type of infection.  I just never got better.
B12 symptoms for me included the fatigue, tingling in my extremities and some depth perception problems. (the fatigue did improve with the 1000mcg injection that I was getting weekly.)
Your Neurobin I think has only 200mcg of B12.

As for question #1 yes it is normal to have good and bad days.  As your numbers get better you should have more good than bad days.  Sometimes stress and anxiety can make you feel worse, although I am not sure why that is.
It sounds like your physician did a good lab work up.  Others may have different opinions though.

I am glad you found our forum and wish you a "speedy" recovery.

thanks for the details.  

The Neurobion shot I take has Vit B1-100mg, Vit B6-100mg, Vit B12 1000mcg
Apparently I was looking at an old drug manual when I looked up your Neurobin injection.  With what you said you should be able to get your Vitamin B number up pretty quickly.  For some people going to monthly doesn't work, but many others do very good with a monthly injection.  I have to get my B12 injection every two weeks or so.  When I went out to monthly, my fatigue was bad in the last week or so and my  numbers would drop.

Have a good weekend!
Am at 13 and just started on my 50,000 IUs. My symptoms are anxiety and insomnia. How long before Vit D kicks in?
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