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Vit D deficient - Will I get better?
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Vit D deficient - Will I get better?

Hey guys -

Sorry to start a new thread on Vitamin D deficiency. I don't want to hijack anybody elses questions.

A quick write up on my story :

I am 26 years old. Male. For the past 2 years I have been feeling what can only be described as 'Spaced out'. Constantly! (And I mean constant. 24/7. No relief at all. This feeling intensifies when I do anything strenuous) This making every day tasks very difficult. Work, exercise, even talking to people. I have had what seems like everything checked out (countless bloods, MRI, MRA, ECG...been told "It's just anxiety"...even "There's nothing wrong with you!") - Everything coming back as normal. We then found that my B12 was abit low. Had the loading dose injections for that which didn't change my 'Spaced out/Light headedness' feeling at all. So after several more months of this hell I have now just found out that I am Vitamin D deficient.

I have been told to take supplements (cholecalciferol - 1000 IU per day) and to get some natural sunlight...

Basically what I am looking for is for somebody to tell me they have experienced this themselves and....please somebody say this...they feel better or are feeling improvements due to the extra Vitamin D intake?

So I don't know if the low Vit D is the cause of why I feel so horrible or not. But this is the latest thing for me to try and work on and and I am hoping to God that I see some improvements and can then continue with my life.

Thankyou for reading this and for any advice etc. It is much appreciated.

First of all welcome to our forum.  Many people with VDD (Vitamin D deficiency) have felt "foggy" headed, lightheaded and some like myself felt like I was drunk all the time. (Unable to walk well, off balance, unable to think straight.)  I have both VDD and B12 def.  B12 was first diagnosed way before the VDD. (2006??) I am taking every other week injections because I am unable to absorb it well enough with the oral.  That helps my extreme fatigue and the tingling I get/got in my extremities.  
The VDD deficiency was diagnosed Jan 2010 at my insistence from research done here and other places.  Was at 11ng/ml.
I have a strong feeling your D3 (Cholicalciferol) at 1000iu will not be enough to get your levels into the optimum range of 50-90ng/ml range.  
Two questions.
1. When will  you have your next Vitamin D level drawn?
2. What was your initial level?

Research shows that it can take a year of optimum levels for most symptoms to go away completely.  The trick is getting it to that level and keeping it there.
Here is an excerpt from a medical study another member posted some time ago.
Here is a link to this forum where many people listed all the symptoms they were having.
I wish you the best of luck on your recovery.  Hopefully it won't take you as long it  has for me to reach those optimum levels and keep them there.

BTW you say you are a male, but your profile shows you are a female.  You might want to fix that.
gadgetsmidnight, thankyou so much for the reply.

Feeling drunk is another way in which I have described this feeling, tho not off balance or struggling to walk. The best way I can describe this is...and I know it doesn't sound great but I'm sure we've all been there...when you drink too much the night before and you are still drunk the next day. Still have the alcohol in your system but not happy drunk, staggering around etc. Just the heavy, unpleasant, lightheaded feeling of the alcohol wearing off.

(Again, I know that doesn't sound good. I am not a big drinker or anything so that is not the problem..)

I was actually told to take the 1000IU supplements of EITHER cholecalciferol or ergocalciferol. And that it didn't matter which. Is this right? I would imagine they would be different..

I feel almost embarrassed to say this - I didn't actually ask what my levels were. Expecting another "Your results are fine.." situation, I think I got abit excited that the problem was found and I could be feeling better.

Thanks again. It is nice to have somebody actually talk to me/answer questions rather than give me the blank look of "I don't know what's up" or "It's just in your head.."

I just started 5,000iu a day last week. And the past 2 days I feel like a new person! Don't know if its the supplemention but I have had a sense of "normal", before finding out I was VDD I was very weak, depressed, could sleep all day if I could. I hope I continue to feel good and its not just a good couple of days but haven't felt like this in a long time. Although I have started getting joint pain which I'm hoping will get better!
You sound like what I had gone through starting March 2010.

Everything you described was me.

100 iu per day will not help. Ask your doctor and increase it to 5000 iu per day. It will take 7-8 months to cure.

I went through hell from March 2010 to January 2013. However, I started Vitamin D supplement ( 5000 iu, D3 per day, in liquid form from Sun Down after lunch meal)  from September 15th. After 7 months I am fully cured. I had similar symptoms as you. In addition, I had zero sleep. Now I have my life back. Stay on Vitamin D, be patient and you will be ok...believe me...
Omg im sohappy I came across this.. I have been feeling exactly like this for over a year noe lightheaded, spaced out.. the doctor sayed im fine its just anxiety I am taking b12 now and my appetite came back bit thats about it.. but I have never had my vit D or vitamin B levels  checked. . Im going to start drinking vvitamin D.. because honestly I am tired of feeling like this.. im willing to try anything
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