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Vit D deficient 10 years of illness
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Vit D deficient 10 years of illness

I was diagnosed with a D level of 21 over a year ago.
Crap doctor prescribed me with 400 mg D3 with calcium I didn't take it as I had higher dose OTC ones in gel extra virgin olive oil.

I have been practically house bound for 10 years with what started as cold turkey off tranquillisers in ignorance
, I suffered terrible withdrawal symptoms for 18 months and have never been ok since

After 2 years of hardly leaving the house I was then diagnosed with malignant melanoma so I stopped using the sun beds I had always used to get a tan (I'm from the uk) obviously which meant my skin never saw the light of day for 5 years, actually longer as my health has meant I don't go out much and I work from home (because of bad health)

I developed what I believed to be systemic candida 5 years ago with oral thrush, constant low grade fever, swollen glands in neck so I bought some Threelac and after 2 days fell in bed with what was later described as toxicity from the dead bacteria released into my blood as a result of threelac killing the candida bacteria,
I followed a strict diet and high supplement program ran by EricaWhite were I didn't eat dairy, wheat, sugar or even fruit.
For 3 years I drank no tea or coffee eat nothing but organic meat and veg and rice cakes (plain) for snacking, no fruit, bread, milk, butter, cheese or even any sauces that contained hidden sugars
I lost 2 stone and was a uk size 8 and still very poorly in fact worse than I was before the treatment!
I paid nutritionists hundreds of pounds and bought and consumed vast amounts of high quality vitamins afrt 12 months of feeling like death and unable to tolerate even 1 anti fungal/candida pill without being bedridden with toxic poison I stopped taking all vitamins but stuck to the diet of no sugars, yeast, alcohol,fruit juice, milk, bread etc
After 3 weeks of stopping the vitamins I felt so much better! But if I ate even a small amount of sugar I felt poisoned for 10 days with a candida flare up.

18 months ago and still on the diet, I tried Threelac again under long distance supervision
I started on tiny doses , waited for the die off to pass then increased the dose and for 6 weeks I felt better than I had in years, I was emotionally ecstatic , at last, a cure, I was on the recovery path.
I got to 2 packs a day (needed to be on 4 for treatment to work) and I crashed, ended up in bed with toxic overload or what they call die off I was told to stick if out it would pass but I just got sicker and sicker till one day I couldn't even get out of bed.
I stopped taking it and slipped into depression and was poorly in bed for 8 weeks after stopping taking it.
At the end of 8 weeks I had terrible anxiety and my parents ended up taking me home and to a doctors who put me on beta blockers and an anti depressant for the 1st time in my 40 years.

During this 8 weeks my doctor ran blood tests and the only thing that came back as abnormal was vit D

I now believe my candida was triggered by low D effecting my immune system and further more understand why I was so sensitive to anti candida/fungal medication, my immune system was literally too weak to deal with the toxicity !
It pushed me over the edge.

I have had anxiety, phobias and bouts of depression for years and believe my D levels dropped just after I was diagnosed with skin cancer and I stopped sun/tan bed use 6 years ago.
The candida began 1 year after the cancer diagnosis ( D levels dropped and I had a history of long term anti biotic use, stress, sugar diet which all are triggers for candida)

It makes sense to me that unless my D levels are normal trying to deal with other health issues that are directly affected by immune weakness, is pointless.

A strange thing happened in the last 18 months I can now eat sugar without having any obvious reaction to it.
I no longer follow that strict diet but I do try to avoid sugar and I have gone from a uk size 8 to 14 in 18 months I have never been size 14 in my life.

I tried taking D lying in the sun last summer and later using a tan lamp and for a while I felt better, then I crashed each time I used the bed I ended up in bed with what feels like a virus , aching monkey tail bone and aching restless legs, shivering, hot, feverish, sleepy, weak and shaking.

So I stopped trying to increase my D levels last autumn, but I've had 5 very bad viruses and colds since and with swine flu and the risk of developing MS,cancer etc I have started taking 800iu of D3 10 days ago with a view to slowly increasing it to 5000iu daily.

So far I feel bouts of sleepiness, no appetite, headaches, restless legs and deep back pain more like a CNS pain than a muscle ache.

Sorry for the life story!

I don't get dizziness much if at all, but my eyes are weak, my joints ache since the 8 week in bed 18 months ago and I keep crashing with viral type symptoms were I end up in bed for between 2 and 10 days.

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