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Vitamin D and its effects
Hi, I am living in Delhi, India. Where sunshine is not an issue. I am 27 male and was very active 2 months before and I used to do gyming no matter what. Suddenly, I started having dizziness and it became worse in air conditioner. Initially  I consulted an ENT, he gave me some antibiotics for ear discomfort. The pain inside ear was gone but dizziness was still there. Now, I also had body aches, lathargy, sluggish performance. I cant walk even and prefer lying around. I also had bad neck pain for which I blamed my gyming and consulted a orthopaedic. He asked me to get my Vit D and Vit B12 along with other CBC blood check up. To my surprise my Vit D came out to be low 19.8 ng/ml and Vitamin B12 was also low 191 (ref range being 211 - 911). I consulted a physician and he suggested an injection of arachitol 6,00,000 IUs for Vit D def. and 2 methycobalamin for Vit B12 def.

After this my dizziness was gone. But some other symptoms started like pain in stomach and weight loss. I ended up going to GI doc and he said I have GERD and no need to worry about. I had 2 medicines for GERD, neksium in morning and Aciloc at bed time. Stomach aches were reduced. But after few weeks I feel diarrhea and frequent bowel movements.

Its been 2 months and my weakness is improving, but I am seriously concerned about weight loss from my thigh area. I used to weigh 79 kgs and now I am 76 kgs. Major weight loss can be seen from thighs. Secondly about my stomach pains and Knees (Joint) pains. Sometimes I feel I have choked throat also. My calcium was 11.0 the time I had Vit D injected.

Before taking this injection it was 9.8. But I am reading over the internet that it could Hyper parathyroid.

Please guide me, how to get the checkup to rule out if anything else is wrong. I am sceduled to get my Vit D checked after a month.

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