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What now?

Hello, I am 29 years old and just started a vit D regimen 4 months ago.  My problems started after my full hysterectomy in 2005.  I have been on hormone compound cream since then and get my levels checked periodically.  In 2008 my naturopathic doctor put me on gluten free diet to help combat immuno deficiency issues I was having.  This last summer I was in pretty good shape going to boxing classes 5 days a week and very lean.  Then it was like a train wreck, I almost passed out during one of my classes and they thought I was having a low blood sugar, so I went to urgent care because the fatigue, dizziness, and brain fog wouldn't let up after almost 3 hours.  They tested my blood sugar and I was normal but an hour before I had eaten a rice krispy treat and downed two apple juices and a Gatorade.  Since that day I have been in and out of the doctor's office trying to find out what is the matter with me.  I was tested for my hormone levels again as well as Vitamin D and TSH and T3.  My vitamin D was low and my T3 was low.(both my aunt and my mother have Hashimoto's so I get checked regularly)  My doctor never gave me any kind of regimen, she just said take a supplement.  I didn't even know how much.  I started with 5,000 IU a day and have been doing that for a few months now.  Recently, my levels were at 32, but I still have some weird symptoms.  I was also diagnosed with Celiac disease.  After going zero tolerance I did feel better but I still have problems with:
Anxiety - racing heart, being able to feel my own heart beat
feeling detached like I'm looking at my life through tunnel vision
feeling a tightness in my chest or a weight
Feelings of doom and gloom even though I can logically look at my life and realize that there is nothing that should cause these feelings
Getting light headed and dizzy when I exert myself too much
Feeling fatigued
memory recall
extreme thirst all the time

I am not really sure where to go from here.  I feel at the end of my rope.  I can't seem to get a handle or any kind of control over my own body.  I don't know if my symptoms are related to the Vitamin D, the Celiac, or something else.  If anyone has any suggestions or similar issues, I just need to know there's a light at the end of the tunnel.
Hi becky,

It's great to see someone else on here i recently found out I had low vit d levels of 18ng.. took a while to find out why i was having so many symptoms had all bloods taken, scans ect.. until I researched abit on vit d and asked for a blood test for it got the result back and my doc just said take a multi-vit n you will be fine. Yeah right!.. so I did my own research and put myself on 10,000iu of vit d a day and 300mg of magnesium!.. Im only on day 7 but will do this for 2-3 months to get my levels up!..

It takes time for all symptoms to go uptown a ywar I've heard!.. hopefully not for us.. :)

If you have celiac doesn't that cause low vit d?.. let me know how you get on its great to find someone else to talk to about it..

Also I have a feeling under my right rib that's heavy feel like someones tugging (hard to describe) or tightness or even an air bubble trapped there!..

Be good to hear back
Charlie :)
*upto a year (stupid predictive txt on phone)
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