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symptoms and recovery period for vit. D deficicnecy
Hi All,

I started having a lot of weakness in my legs and hands about 2.5 months ago along with digestions issues. I was diagnosed with IBS but still the doctors could not find anything that would explain the weakness. I recently found out that my vit. D levels were 9.6 ng/ml and the doctor has put me on 60k IU/week (vitamin D3). It's been 6 weeks now but I havent recovered from weakness. I feel a lot of cramps, stiffness and weakness in both my legs and arms. Also, from last week my bones and muscles are paining most of the time. I am really worried... Can any of you relate to these symptoms and can anyone let me know if recovery from 9.6 can take longer than 6-7 weeks? I notice fluctuation in my symptoms..is this comon... for e.g. a couple of weeks ago I was almost feeling normal doing regular activity but now i feel weak again.

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