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by lolen06, Oct 04, 2012 - 2 Comments
When i went to the office one morning, i went to the CR to pee, when i wiped, i wiped red b...

by Elaine Brown, MDBlank, Sep 22, 2012 - 1 Comment
Prior to the mid 1960's Group B streptococcal (GBS) infections in humans were almost u...

by Esmerodo, Sep 18, 2012
A DIFFERENT CHILD A different child, People notice There's a special glow around ...

by Esmerodo, Sep 18, 2012
I am Pandora Diane MacMillan (formerly Waldron), author of A Different Child poem, which wa...

by TheCraftieFoodie, Sep 17, 2012
So, I was diagnosed with MS in june of this year. When I told my best friend, a Biology Maj...

by AshleyStar, Sep 10, 2012
So what is it with these teen moms claiming to confirm they are a week pregnant? It's ...

by vivi558123, Aug 15, 2012
I've been taking provera for almost 8 months, and this month is my last month to take ...

by domo4595, Aug 09, 2012
I'm not really good at these things. but I have decided to write one for for the third...

by EllieF92, Aug 05, 2012
Thankfully it is monday tomorrow! 8am rise and shine to call the dentist and demand they ...

by newmommy1217, Jul 26, 2012 - 2 Comments
I can't believe I'm actually pregnant with the love of my life's baby. It fe...