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by haz1104, Jul 15, 2011 - 13 Comments
woke up with extremely sore nipples today thought it was normal and ignored it until I deci...

by BabyDreamin88, Jul 03, 2011 - 3 Comments
Ok, so tuesday I was chatting away on the computer to a family member when I felt a pop in ...

by haz1104, Jun 29, 2011 - 5 Comments
I used to have this weird one - sided back a strained muscle or ...

by JessWishes2, Jun 24, 2011 - 9 Comments
Today im ment to be 7 weeks but as i dated slightly earlier im now 6wks and 4 days. Im star...

by Lillianna84, Jun 18, 2011
I have been on Metformin for a month and a half and thought I was starting my period last w...

by heatherrenee, Jun 16, 2011 - 1 Comment
Hi my last official period was april 12th, 2011. My periods are always on time and cramp be...

by bebe2011, Jun 16, 2011
I just got a compromise from the DH, will just have fun, if it happens it happens, we will ...

by frank_noahsmommy, Jun 14, 2011 - 28 Comments
My Ob called, not the NP but the Major OB who's office it is wanted a meeting. He said...

by Kimberleigh2208, Jun 13, 2011 - 5 Comments
My friend Jamie warned me about this (she's on her 2nd pregnancy) and we're only ...

by beautyy, Jun 13, 2011
its my first pregnancy and i went to the ER for bleeding. they did a vaginal ultrasound and...