MedHelp is dedicated to protecting the privacy of our visitors and to ensuring that our information is accurate, complete, and up-to-date.
Privacy Policy Frequency Asked Questions
Privacy Policy

What personal information does MedHelp collect?

We collect the following information:
  • When you register as a MedHelp user, including your user name, e-mail address, password, secret question and secret answer.
  • When you add to your profile (My MedHelp) with further information about yourself or your friends and family, including journals, photos, trackers, personal pages, and PHRs.
  • When you participate in a support community or Ask-a-Doctor forum, including posts, comments, or health pages.
  • We use cookies and other technologies to recognize you, customize your experience and serve advertisements.
  • We automatically receive from your internet use such information as your IP address, the URL’s of sites from which you link to or leave our website, your type of browser and ISP.
What do we do with your personal information?

We use the information you provide to:
  • Administer your account and customize the service we provide to you.
  • Send you email and notices on this website.
  • Enable you to share your information and communicate with other users, or provide (at your choice) your personal details to partners with whom you are affiliated, such as a hospital.
  • Deliver our services in partnership with third parties, such as the care company we use to process payments.
  • Comply with the law. If we are legally bound to provide your information, we will have to do so.
In addition, we provide you with the means to control whether or not your contact information is shared with another user. We will never sell, rent or otherwise provide your personal identifiable information to any third parties for marketing purposes. However, we may sell, rent or otherwise provide aggregated information that includes your personal information to third parties.

What information is public?
  • All your profile information is public except your email address and birth date. Your user name, birth year, location, and all other information is public.
  • Everything you write in a support community, ask-a-doctor forum, or health page is public.
  • Everything you write or add to this site is public, unless there is an option to make it Private AND you select that option. This mainly applies to journals, photos, and trackers.
  • All your comments in discussions in communities, discussions in forums, on journals, and on photos are public.
What information is private?

Private information is information that cannot be viewed by other members, by non-registered users, or by search engines. MedHelp administrators can still view private information in order to troubleshoot issues or offer services, with the exception of PHRs detailed below.
  • Everything in your Personal Health Record (PHR) page is private. MedHelp administrators cannot view the data in your PHR unless you specifically grant access. Access is granted for 24 hours and will expire at the end of that time period.
  • Everything you write or add to this site where there is an option to make it Private AND you select that option will be private. This mainly applies to journals, photos, and trackers.
  • Private messages are private.
What are your information choices?

You can:
  • Review, enhance or edit your personal information through your personal profile page.
  • Choose what information you make available through your public profile.
  • Control the messages you receive from MedHelp and other users and how these are sent.
  • Tell us to close your MedHelp account.
How is my information secured?

Personal information you provide will be secured with industry standards and technology. The information in your PHR has more security and encryption surrounding it, since this information is more sensitive. Any data you enter into the applications on your PHR page (e.g. Immunizations, Medical Conditions) will be sent to MedHelp over https (secured and encrypted) and will be stored on MedHelp's servers in an encrypted manner. This means that no one at MedHelp can see or access your data online. Only you can access your data with your password. If you need help with your PHR, you can allow MedHelp administrators to view your data to provide you with assistance for 24 hours. Once the access has expired, no one will be able to view your data online.

Who else has access to my information?

  • Third-party advertisers can see the content of any page on the MedHelp website, with the exception of PHRs. They target ads based on the content of those pages but do not store personally identifiable information.
  • MedHelp administrators and moderators can access your personal information in order to assist you with troubleshooting or to help provide a service that you requested.
  • People or hospitals whom you have given permission to access your information can do so.
  • If you have given out your user name and password to other people, they will have access to all your information, so please do not do so.
I still have questions about the Privacy Policy. What should I do?

Please read the full Privacy Policy below. This covers many more aspects of the site. You can also contact us using the Contact Us form. Or you can send snail mail to:

Attn.: Privacy policy issues
929 Market Street, Suite 300
San Francisco, CA 94103

What if there is a discrepancy between the Privacy FAQs and the Privacy Policy?

The information in the Privacy Policy supercedes the information in these FAQs. If there's any discrepancy, please refer to the Privacy Policy.

Last Updated 10/11/2008