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My Buddies

This is a page for ladies with Ovarian Cancer (or anyone who posts here regularly) to list their buddies.  Buddies are people who agree to keep in touch in case forum updates are needed on each other's behalf.  Please add your name (or User ID) and the person or people with whom you keep in contact who you know will keep the forum updated on your status.  Please make sure your family or close friends know how to contact your buddy so they can call on your behalf if that becomes necessary.  If you do not have a buddy, you may request one here, too.  To add to this page, you'll need to click on "edit".  Thanks!


Gail (gah_70) - Shawn (ShawnP), Kasie (fungirl)
Teresa (Teresa222) Minnie (MinnieWH)
Kasie (fungirl)- Gail (gah_70), Shawn (ShawnP)
Kaye - katie116 - anyone want to be my buddy?
Lauren (Ramsay14) - Christina (onthemendmomma)
Chris (crecco) - TC (butterflytc) -Lori (Cirella)
TC (butterflytc) - Chris (crecco) - Colleen (lvfrogs)
MFE (maryfdanal) - need a buddy

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