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  bnlp28                  April 2nd - Removal of cysts, and complete open hysterectomy

  Bellephi/Marjorie  March 13th

  Dreamer45           March 13th  Large "worrisome" cyst

  Butterflytc →  March 12th, second look surgery

  Gabrellesoul - April 1st 7cm cyst (septated)

Gail8247 - April 2 - Basketball size Borderline Mucinous Tumor - Stage 1A - complete hyst

Morrowville-               April 8, Dermoid Cyst, hysterectomy

Ashlyhb                       April 8, complex cyst, complete hysterectomy

Chloe08                        May 15

kb781                     May 19 complex cyst

zoeh                       June 3 16 cm cyst

painlady                  June 4 ovary removal

TrudieC                   June 6 - 16 cm cyst, right ovary & tube

Roshelle32              June 6 - cyst removal, hysterectomy

Bethermom621          June 11 - ovary removal

BRE878                         June 11 - ovary and tube removal

Leilasttar                June 12

bohan54                       June 16

twiggy236                    June 17 - hysterectomy

earthstar11             June 18 cyst removal

WolfeHall                   June 23rd - 7.7 cm septated cyst & possibly ovary/tube

dawn639                      June 30

Slee56                     July 9 - complete hyst and breast removal

mps58                    July 14 - complete hyst, 10cm complex, septated cyst rt ov, lg fibroid

fungirl1011             July 17

margo1110             July 22-complete hysterectomy, poss. appendix, debulking

Sharon2714            July 31 TAH/BSO laparotomy for large bilateral complex adenoma

Vallieanne           Oct.6- Bilateral oopherectomy & salpingectomy.

Jen898               October 20th - 11cm and 9cm cyst removal, possible ovary removal.

Misslowride         Nov.26- rt.cyst & ovary.

 Sobermommy    Oct 29th - hysterectomy

 LANEY8463        Oct 15th Robotic hysterectomy, appendectomy and BSO


Chloe, Leilasttar, and fungirl, what are your surgeries for?

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