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Stretch Mark Treatment: Info Guide

Although stretch marks are purely cosmetic defects, most people would not want the experience of having them. They have an impact on one’s psychological well-being, as they may have the effect of lowering one’s self esteem. However, the treatment of stretch marks is one area of science that can be tricky to navigate.


The presences of many products from manufacturers who claim that they can work wonders are flooding the market, especially online. However, many of these don’t work, and simply represent a way to lose your money. Getting treatment for stretch marks requires one to be a bit more knowledgeable than just going to buy the products or services without knowing a thing or two about them.

There are quite a number of treatment regimens that have been found to be efficacious in treatment of stretch marks. However, one thing you should know is that treatment of stretch marks is highly dependent on a number of factors.


This means that if one product works for your friend, it doesn’t mean that it can work for you as well. Variables such as the depth of the stretch marks (whether it’s limited to the epidermis only or whether it stretches down to the dermis), the age of the stretch marks and your body’s ability to repair itself all have a hand to play in the way the treatment for stretch marks work.

There are quite a number of treatments that can work for stretch marks. These include the use of laser treatment to get rid of the scars, use of retinoids (chemical derivatives of Vitamin A that enhance the skin’s repair mechanisms), creams and also dermabrasion (scrubbing a way the top layer of the skin to leave a lower layer that has greater regenerative capacity).

As has been mentioned, each of these treatments does work, but to different degrees of success depending on the variables named above. This means that though a treatment such as laser treatment is highly likely to work for many people, there is a small subset of the population (for instance if the stretch marks were severe) on whom the regimen may not work to completely get rid of the stretch marks.


To get a good idea of how well each regimen will work on you, it’s advised to visit a dermatologist who can assess the damage done to the skin and then come up with the most potent treatment regimen specially suited for your case.

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