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Pregnancy Symptom: Food Cravings

Food Cravings

What It Feels Like

It's probably the oldest pregnancy cliche in the book, but it seems like every woman has had some strange craving during her pregnancy. In fact, about 75% of women get cravings. The cravings range from a constant craving for a particular food, such as potato salad or pickles, to strange combinations, such as anchovies and ice cream, to the downright dangerous, like ashes or laundry detergent.

Why do you get food cravings? 

As your hormone levels change, the chemical content of your blood changes, which is often reflected in your saliva. This causes the taste in your mouth to change so foods will taste different than before. 

How To Manage Food Cravings

  • If you're craving food that is good for you, go ahead and indulge. Try to mix it up with other foods so that you're getting a variety of nutrients. 
  • If the food you're craving is not as healthy, try substituting a slightly healthier version. For example, eat Cheerios instead of Fruit Loops. 
  • If the food is not healthy, try distracting yourself. Get some exercise, read a book, hang out with friends. 
  • Under no circumstances should you eat foods that are not allowed during pregnancy, such as unpasteurized cheese or sushi. 
  • In addition, do NOT eat anything inedible. This condition is known as pica, call your doctor. 
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