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***Opiate Withdrawal Recovery***

To those of you who are going through or about to go through withdrawal from Opiate Based Pain (Narcotic) Medications. I am no expert by any stretch; however, I have quit OxyContin / OxyCodone cold turkey several times only to go back to it because of how bad I felt.

This last time my typical daily dosing was around 250mg (enough). Yet this time quitting was entirely different and I attribute the reduced withdrawal affects to the following, (again, I am not a Doctor, nor an expert).




A really good Multi-Vitamin (Really good ones usually come in a daily packet with four or five pills, not just one)

Protein Shakes (Again quality is everything here, make sure the list of Amino Acid's is extensive)

6000mg of Glutamine

3000mg of Vitamin C

1x Tablet of Vitamin B Complex

1x Daily ASA (Low Dose Aspirin)

2x Omega 3-6-9 Gel Caps

Epsom Bath Salts

Imodium as required

Ativan as prescribed and only for the first few days


In addition, before bed, I tried this new product called "Happy Dreams" (Brain Pharma Product) which contains melatonin (sleep), L-Theanine (sleep), Inositol (Sleep), and a powerful blend of mood enhancers including (5HTP). I should mention that 5HTP is a precursor for Serotonin, so if you are on any type of Anti-Depressants you may want to steer clear or at least check with your Doctor first.


Last and certainly not least, exercise. I have heard this before but did not put much stock into it. It is the lifeblood of your recovery. If you are doing all/most of the above, eating as healthy as you can, your recovery will be much faster. I am on day 11 today and I have not felt this great in years. I am certainly not out of the woods yet as I MUST begin an aftercare program.


Let me be clear that this has worked wonders for me but you should always consult a Physician before something like this. I also want to stress this will have a very small bearing on my long-term sobriety. That in itself is a completely new dynamic!!



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