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I think I'll add a small contribution to this site for anyone who may be in the same situation that i am/was in. These are all paid forum posts from the STD section,
answered by the doctors. Perhaps this could save some time and/or money for those of you are in the same boat. They are ALL HPV related. these are not clickable as it would take me a long while to make these all links. copy and paste them in to your address bar.

Genital-To-Hand Contact

HPV Concern (cancerous)

HPV and Steroids

How Long Should I Wait (cleared warts)

hpv confirmed (penile cancer worries)

HPV (some more basic information)

HPV (some more basic information)

Some Questions about HPV (some more basic information)

HPV testing (in men)

Additional Info-HPV (yet more basic information)

Please help me to understand this (cancer from HPV in women)

HPV Transmission (after years of being cleared of genital warts)

Oral-HPV and Recent Studies (info on oral hpv and cancer)

Another HPV scenario (mostly info on HPV tests for men)

My anal warts (info on transmission of anal warts)

Persistent HPV (info on transmission of "high risk" strains)

I have HPV and don't want to give it to my new partner

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