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Help prevent and IC flare after stone surgeries!


I noticed after my last stone surgery that the IC flare and bladder spasms were as hard to get under control as the pain from the procedure itself.  So here are some suggestions that might help prevent problems or make it easier for you.
1. Many UROs instill rescue meds. into the bladder after a hydrodestention... if your uro is familiar with rescue instills ask him if he would put one in at the end of the procedure!  You will wake up feeling much better then without it.
(My rescue instills are ALL PRESERVATIVE FREE, I have a preservative allergy, they are 10cc Preservative free 5. 1% lidocaine, 10cc .5% Sensorcaine MPF, 10 cc sodium bicarb, 100mg of solu cortef, and 80mg of gentamician.)
(I ask the doctor when I had my last surgery but he wouldn't do it,,, he does not treat IC so is not familiar with bladder instills. So I had one ready and did it the next day when I was able.. I sure wish they had been able to do it in the OR though!)
2.  If you require a stent ask him not to leave a string.  The string seems to really irritate those of us with IC.  I know it is no fun having him go in and get it either but it doesn't last as long as having that string in there for days,,,
3. Ask your URO for a script for the vaginal suppositories!  These are great anytime but for me the made a huge difference esp after surgery.  Kevin at Dakota Pharmacy makes mine 1-800290-7028, their fax number is 1-701-255-1881, (mine are 10mg benadryl, 2% lidocaine 5mg valium)
4. I also had my doctor give me a script for Valium as well as pain meds for the bladder spasms!
5.  Take AZO after the procedure, it really helps with the bladder spasms  and burning etc. too

6.  Another big thing is ICE, and heat.  Ask for and use ice vaginally for a women, as soon
as a procedure is over for the urethral pain.  It makes a huge difference in the amount of soreness later.  I also found that in the recovery they brought me warm blankets because I get the shakes really bad after surgery etc.  So I ask for a warm blanket to lay over my bladder area and this helped soo muc too!

Hope this helps prevent any IC flares if you have to have a stone surgery!

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