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Treatments For Snoring

Snoring can affect so many areas of your life.  Your husband or wife may no longer sleep in your bedroom because of the loud snoring.   You find that you are tired during the day because you are not getting a restful night sleep due to the snoring.  There are actions that you can take to stop snoring.  

The first step is to change your eating habits just prior to bedtime.  Do not eat any rich, fatty or dairy products late in the evening.  Doctors warn that specific foods such as fried foods baked goods and chocolate are not foods to eat late in the day. These are all items that can block the throat and result in snoring.  

Smoking is another issue.  One consequence is an increase in mucous production in the throat which can hamper air flow.


You could also try an anti-snoring device. They have a bunch of different ways to help your snoring, but most of them only work on a case by case basis.

The treatment for snoring center around clearing the blockage from the breathing passage.  Dental appliances are one option.  Mandibular advancement splints works by moving the jaw forward which automatically forces the tongue forward. 


A dentist specialized in sleep apnea dentistry will work with you to receive the mandibular advancement splints.  A second treatment option for snoring is the popular continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) machine. 


It is used to treat sleep apnea and the snoring associated with it.  The airway is kept open by utilizing a small device pump that delivers a controlled stream of air via a flexible hose and a mask.  

When no other treatment has worked, surgery may be the method used to prevent and stop snoring.  Tissues such as the uvula and pharynx are removed surgically.  These surgeries are considered invasive and high risk. Serious side effects, such as scarring of throat tissue which could narrow the throat further or development of severe sleep apnea, have been reported.  

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