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Internet Sites That May Help With Recovery

Surfing the Net and Recovery




Some of these links helped me personally with recovery, others I have seen the need for on the forum for others recovering from different drugs.  Some helped me and may help others.  We are all different and if anyone has a site to add, please feel free to do so



http://www.na.org/   Narcotics anonymous helped me find a meeting close by...phone number to locate meetings is provided





http://www.smartrecovery.org/meetings/olschedule.htm   meetings online



http://turntohelp.com/physician_locator/Default.aspx?found=no   finding a sub doctor in your area by zip code


http://www.bulknutrition.com/?products_id=2621   vitamins and amino acids at a good price..also carries the powdered forms which are absorbed more efficiently


http://www.benzo.org.uk/manual/bzcha01.htm  actually has taper schedules for all of the benzodiazepines


http://ashtonbenzomanual.com/  help with stopping benzos


http://www.shamansgarden.com/p-154-kratom-10x-standardized-extract.aspx   herbs that can help with withddrawal


http://www.medhelp.org/forums/show/77  the forum...a great place to be!


http://asam.org/  helps you locate an addiction counseler in your area










http://urantiapharma.com/en-about-Provigil_99.php  Provigil helped my energy levels and depression after detox..RX recommended







http://urantiapharma.com/en-prices-Catapres.php Clonidine helps those who have heavy wds/heavy habits and is recommended with an RX only as people with low blood pressures can not tolerate this medication and it could be dangerous.  Monitoring by a physician is necessary while on this medication.



http://www.goodhealthpharmacy.com/new/catalog/advanced_search_result.php?keywords=phenergan&x=11&y=5 Phenergan helped me with the nausea I experienced during detox. It also helped with sleep and in smaller doses, helps with anxiety.  It is not habit forming and an RX is recommended.

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