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Copper socks
Copper socks.

That sounds like an idea whose time has not come. Or ever will.

And yet, researchers in Chile (the world's largest copper producer) believe socks infused with copper thread just might be an effective way to control foot fungus.

A copper socks craze may not be right around the corner, but copper does happen to be a natural bacteria fighter – a quality that might help solve three important problems.

1) Dwindling fish populations
  The crisis in populations of fish that supply the fast-growing demand for omega-3 fatty acids. According to Reuters, one of the Chilean copper experiments is testing copper sponge filters to protect farmed salmon from bacteria and fungi, reducing the need to treat the fish with antibiotics.

2) Antibiotic resistance
Widespread use of copper filters in fish farms might significantly reduce levels of antibiotics humans pick up from food sources. Antibiotic resistance, of course, is the source of another ominous health problem…

3) MRSA control
Apparently copper might even help manage the spread of MRSA – the hyper-aggressive bacterium that's resistant to most antibiotics.
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