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Incorporating Wheatgrass Into Your Diet

The health benefits of wheatgrass are many such as mental clarity, lower rates of colon cancer, reduced blood pressure and improved ability to heal wounds.  There are many way to incorporate wheat grass into your diet simply and effectively.  

The most common way to consume wheatgrass is in a smoothie.  There are many different recipes that soften and weaken the bitter taste.  Try it blended with sweet berries, yogurt, a sweet juice and crushed ice.  Experiment with different fruits and juices for unique and delicious smoothie creations.  Another smoothie that is wonderful: combines 2 oranges, 2 large carrots and 3-inch round wheatgrass.  Chop the carrots to fit through juicer and then juice all the ingredients. 

Wheatgrass can create a delicious breakfast on the run.  Simply add ¼ cup rolled oats, 1 cup of soymilk, ¼ cup of nonfat yogurt, ¼ cup of fresh berries, ½ of a banana and 1 tablespoon of wheatgrass powder.  

Wheatgrass can also be added into recipes for all the health benefits.  When using wheatgrass in sauces, mix it with sweeter ingredients to offset the bitterness.  For example, mix wheatgrass with cream, honey, and olive oil.  This is an ideal sauce for poultry and fish dishes.  

Try wheatgrass in your favorite bread or pizza recipes to boost the nutritional value of the meal.  Whether it is homemade wheat or rye bread, wheatgrass can be added successfully with a little sugar or molasses.  Wheatgrass, when added to pizza dough, will create a pizza that is healthier as well as tasty.  

Wheatgrass can also be integrated into your baked cooks.  Dehydrated wheatgrass can be easily added to muffin recipes.  The key is to increase the amount of the sugar or the alternative sweetener use.  When making cookies, add wheatgrass and chocolate chip for a scrumptious and healthy treat. 


The side effects of wheatgrass are also very mild, making it a great addition to any type of diet you may be on. It's very good for you, and totally helps to keep you healthy. Stay in tip top shape with wheat grass!

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