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How to Deal With Forum Trolls

There is an expression "Do NOT feed the trolls" Whenever you reply to a troll, you are feeding them. Many trolls are bored and just want attention. That's what they want. They want someone to retaliate and take them seriously.

A direct quote from a troll I found on one of the forums proves this point perfectly:

"I have nothing better to do. It is 4:50 am, I have cold hands from all of this typing. I did this to get a reaction from whomever may have been using this site at the site. I succeeded."

I've seen it get ugly when people who are not trolls become trolls by responding... The angrier the antitrolls get, the more fun for the trolls posting. The result always escalades into a fight that ruins any thread involved.

To slay (delete) trolls and cut their fun short:

On medhelp, each post has a "report" ==> select "abuse" Do NOT reply to trolls whatever you do. Even if they directly insulted is better to click the report button and move on than retaliate. By not replying, you save your dignity. Trying to defend yourself against a troll is a sure way of losing that dignity. If there are more than one troll involved and several posts, use the "Contact Us" link on the bottom of the page. There's an option to select for reporting abuse.

Please do a favor not just for medhelp, but any forum by following this simple advice.


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