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National Autistic Society contacts

National Autistic Society contacts in USA
I am in the UK, and a number of times I have recommended people to get in touch with the National Autistic Society. I have been onto their website in the UK and they do have an international website of contact societies etc. This is the one posted for the USA. I haven't gone into this website in any detail, but I do know there is a state by state listing of support groups etc.  

United States of America 
Autism Society of America 
7910 Woodmont Avenue 
Suite 300, Bethesda  
Maryland 20814, USA 
Tel: +1 301 657 0881 
Tel: 1 800 3AUTISM 
Fax: +1 301 657 0869 
or (for local chapters) 


(Copied from Sally's post)

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