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Food Elimination Diet & Desensitization


Food Elimination Diet & Desensitization


Elimination diet is for suspected food allergies. An elimination diet is designed to detect and identify sensitivities to certain foods. Here, the suspected allergen (type of food) is totally eliminated from the diet for a period of time (from two weeks to two months) and observations are made to see if the symptoms are resolved during this period. And if resolved, the ‘food' is re introduced to see if symptoms re occur, termed as challenge-dechallenge-rechallenge (CDR). 

A food diary can help to make elimination diet more accurate and successful. Keeping track of the food one eats and the symptoms helps to look for patterns. It can also help identify possible sources of cross-contamination, or other foods that may be contributing to the symptoms. 

On the other hand, Desensitization or allergy immunotherapy works like vaccination. Very small amounts of the allergen are injected in gradually increasing doses, so that the body develops an immunity to the allergen, so that the person will have a reduced response or fewer allergic symptoms when he is exposed to these allergens again.    





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