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Guide to Chronic Pain and Management - The Nature of Chronic Pain

The Nature of Chronic Pain

If you suffer from chronic pain, you probably understand how completely it can change a person’s life.  Even simple activities like grocery shopping, taking a walk, or visiting friends can become painful challenges. 

Understanding chronic pain and how it affects you is the first step towards better pain management.

In the past, the medical community viewed chronic pain as a symptom of a specific injury or disease.  Once the underlying problem had been treated, doctors thought the pain would go away.  However, it is now understood that this is often not the case.  Sometimes the chronic pain itself is the disease and not the symptom of some other condition.


It is also helpful to remember that pain is a deeply personal experience – no two people experience the pain the same way. Here are some things that people may experience differently:

  • The situation and time in which the pain occurs
  • How a person reacts to the pain physically
  • How a person copes with the pain
  • A person’s emotional response – is he or she optimistic or become depressed?
  • How peers and friends react to someone’s pain

It is important to understand that all pain is real, regardless of what other people may tell you.  Some doctors tell their patients that they are “exaggerating” their pain because no underlying anatomical cause for the pain can be found.  But once again, this is often not the case – people feel chronic pain differently and only you can know how the pain is affecting you.  Once you realize the pain itself is sometimes the disease that needs to be treated, combating it can become a less stressful process.


Source: Chronic Pain as a Disease: Why does it still Hurt?


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