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Please post any ancronyms or uncommon words you can think of that we use on this forum when talking about MSK. Someone new might think it is a new language.



ANA- Antinuclear Antibody Test

BUN- Blood Urea Nitrogen-blood test that measures how much waste Urea Nitrogen your kidneys are not able to filter

CFS- Chronic fatigue syndrome

Cysto- Cystoscopy, or cystourethroscopy 

eGFR- estimated glomerular filtration rate 

Fibro- fibromyalgia 

GB - Gallbladder 

GFR- glomerular filtration rate, Blood test that measures how well your kidneys are filtering cratinine,a waste

IC- Interstitial Cystitis, chronic inflammation of the bladder wall 

IVP-Intravenous Pyelogram, contrast X-ray series to examine kidneys, bladder, and ureters 

MSK -Medullary Sponge Kidney Disease 

Nephro- Nephrologist 

RA- Rheumatoid Arthritis 

RTA- Renal Tubular Acidosis, condition in which a defect in the kidney tubes causes acid to build up in the bloodstream 





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