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Cycle of Abuse

Understand how this cycle efficiently and completely destroys you:

The saddest thing of all: This insidious repetitious cycle will break you so smoothly, there's an excellent chance you won't even realize you've lost yourself. For some people it may take years... but it will break you.

Each time you take a spin on the Cycle of Abuse you lose a little piece of yourself. You never quite make it back up to your top again. Oh I know, you may think and believe you have... but you haven't. Every cycle of abuse takes you lower and lower and lower until one day, there is nothing left of you. You just don't recover. Look closely at yourself and your life... feel your feelings... listen to your own heart... reach into your spirit. I now ask you...

Are you really the same person you were before you began riding The Cycle of Abuse?

The heavy weight of abuse crushes you a little bit more each time you travel around the cycle. Down, down, down you go... until you are physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually annihilated.

Destructive Effects of The Cycle of Abuse

This is how the relentless action of the Cycle of Abuse can and does affect you:

Isolation from others, withdrawal from family and friends, avoid the public

Spending more and more time at work, not wanting to come home

Low self-esteem, feelings of worthlessness

Depression, thoughts of suicide

Emotional problems, shame, emotional highs and lows, emotional numbness

Illness - physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually

Increased alcohol or drug use, addictions

Withdrawal from real life into an alternative reality - perhaps the Internet

Are you addicted to drama?

If so, you may find it extremely difficult to get off the roller coaster or avoid becoming involved with abusive partners. If you don't recognize that you are addicted to drama, and do some inner work with yourself, you will likely find yourself continually back in abusive relationships. So, how do you know if you are addicted to drama? One indicator: You may find those gentle and loving women will seem boring... "She's just too nice."

[ Support for drama addiction, setting personal boundaries and self-esteem are discussed under "The Self-Esteem Factor" ]


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