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A Mother's Journal ... You are Not Alone - Written by a Reflux Mom in the PreDawn Hours ... These will Touch your Heart Forever



Writings by a Reflux Mom -- written in the wee hours of the morning as she held her inconsolable reflux baby at her side crying out in pain ..

These short journals will touch your Heart forever and always remind you that

You Are Not Alone!

A Day in My Life


Taking Away Baby's Pain


The Eagle Soars


My Crystal Ball Theory


Thank You My Friend


The Last of the Firsts..Jeffrey's 1st B'day

Shooting Stars * Summer 2000


Two Be a Toddler ~ Jeffrey's 2nd Birthday

Mother's Day May 2003 - The Strength of our Children



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Contributed & Written by ChitChatNine - 1999-2003

Excerpts from her Reflux Reality Website ... Today her son is a healthy 9yr old who is 95% reflux free

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