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HepResearcher (doctor) on various topics

The HR  FILES. HepResearcher gives advise on various topics:

By MerryBe


Until or unless HR wants to reorganize these in his own way, I thought I’d put some favorites up that have helped and informed me.  Everyone who has saved his special threads feel free to add their links. Best blessing in this forum!!


Another way to learn from HR: go to his home page and search back through the

700 POSTS featured and read every discourse on a wide cariety of topics:



HepResearcher gives advice on various topics:


HR on anti-fibrotic and preventative/restorative substances


HR on tapering of treatment drug


HR on PCR test sensitivity

HR on Curcumin 

 HR on Alinia (original research news release)

HR on Alinia (special cases)

HR on Alinia (the gauf file)

 HR on Vaccines and Understanding the Virus


HR on fibroscans

HR on grapefruit

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