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I'm helping review my school emergency plan and thought a wiki would be a great way for all of the volunteers to put in their 2 cents and gather materials supportive of our efforts:


US Dept of Ed site


I'm most interested in how to get alerted that there's an emergency, and how to notify parents en-masse:


via email to SMS:

for alerting our parents, we can ask for their cell # and send SMS to:


Office of Emergency Services
55 W. Younger Avenue
Suite 450
San Jose, CA 95110
Fax: 408-294-4851
Phone: 408-808-7800

Email: oes @ oes.sccgov.org




> new public school (John Muir) and they have
> all of the parents pay $7 per child to have an emergency kit kept at
> school.  That seemed good to me to have food and water for each child
> (they actually purchased individual kits for each child with a long
> shelf life.
> They also ask for a phone number of someone outside the area whom
> they can contact if phones here aren't working (and then you can
> contact that person to figure out what is happening with your child).



> In the case of Children's PreSchool Center (CPSC), while we were there
> (already it's been several months!), the director had some kind of
> arrangement with a preschool center on the East Coast (if I recall
> correctly), and told us to call there in the case of the kind of
> emergency
> where you need a phone number outside California/the local area. I
> believe
> she may have had the number printed on a card, too. (Remember, in the
> last
> big earthquake, all our lines IN to the area were disabled, so that
> we had
> to call out to a third party in order to convey messages among
> friends and
> relatives within the area).  So basically she was promising she would
> call
> there right away to leave info with them, and we could call and this
> place
> was willing to field all our calls to help her. 

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