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Adult Acne Prevention

Acne may be commonplace when you are a teenager. Acne does not necessarily end when you become an adult. Skin care is affected by many different factors, some that you can control and some that you cannot. Your adult acne can have to do with your hormone balance or your skin’s renewal systems, both of which are fairly uncontrollable. The key is to control what you can though.

The first recommendation is not to overwash your face. Dirt is not a cause of acne, yet many with this skin condition excessively scrub and wash their face. The maximum times you should wash your face daily is twice, once in the morning and once at night. If you wash your face more, you will leave your skin dry, provoking areas to become irritated, and more prone to acne. Another consequence of washing your face could be more breakouts since you may stimulate extra oil production. 

The next recommendation to prevent adult acne is to avoid harsh scrubs. While it is acceptable to exfoliate, use a gentle formula with small, smooth grains. Products with almond or apricot shell fragments are too harsh and can irritate and even tear your skin.

Keeping your hands off your face and your acne is critical for prevention of breakouts. Do not squeeze or pick blemishes. This only forces bacteria deeper into the skin which can result in inflammation and infection. This also increases the risk that the blemish will leave permanent acne scars. The bacteria that cause breakouts, propionbacterium acnes, are usually on your skin. It leads to acne when you touch your face and force the bacteria to get into your pores.

Finally, avoid skincare products with alcohol if you want to prevent adult acne. These products strip the top layer of your skin and cause your sebaceous glands to produce more oil, just causing more problems. The result is dry skin with the potential for more blemishes.

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