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Probiotic are live,non harmful bacteria that provide health benefits to people when eaten in sufficient amounts.there are many types of probiotic bacteria ,including various types of lactobacillus and bifidobacteria.

did you know that between 1 and 2 kg of bacteria live in our large bowel .this is called our bowel flora and includes over 400 different species of fact we have 10 times more bacterial cells in our body than we do human cells.

these bacteria are critical for normal devolpment of the body ,they help us fight off infection and are vital to our health as a whole.most resident bacteria are beneifical to the gut and help keep the minority bacteria at bay.they also help our immune system function better :but however there numbers can be diminished for a number of reasons.if the number of good bacteria fall this gives the opportunity to bad bacteria to thrive.

reduced levels of good bacteria in the gut may be caused by the following

active inflammatory conditions such as ibd/coilitis

the use of antibiotics {broad spectrum} kills good as well as bad


a low fibre diet


consuming food where there is bad bacteria present {salmonella etc


taking probiotics can help restore the balance when it is affected

health benefits  of probiotics

reduce symptoms of ibs

reduce the impact of diarrhoea

reduce the growth of harmful bacteria ,thus improving your immune system

helps with lastose intolerance

helps reduce the risk for colon cancer

helps with colic in infants

helps reduce allergy conditions like atopic dermatitis

helps reduce the complications with ulcerative coilitis

where to find these beauties

u will find these in tablet from in most health stores or in live yoghurts or special milks or special yoghurts.different products contain different species so they are not all the same .

the trick is they must be live and to be taken cold as heat will kill them ,generally one probiotic drink or tab is sufficient per day

in cases of ibs ,uc,or chronic diarrhoea 2 should be taken .

probiotics are safe to take

what about pre-biotics

prebiotics  are componds that encourage the growth of good bacteria in the gut .fibre is an example of a prebiotic---it feeds the good bacteria in the gut and helps create a environment that allows good bacteria to grow and live ,so they help us has a strong active immune system.

some products on the market have both pre and probiotics and these are called synbiotics.....inulin and oligofructose are also common prebiotics.

so for a healthy gut

include probiotics in the diet


have good fibre in the diet

have regular meals

if u must take anti-biotics increase the probiotics before and after u finish the course

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