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Research vitamin C.... Go to this site   Dr.Frederick R. Klenner was treating a myriad of diseases successfully since the 1940's with "mega-doses" of vitamin C (ascorbic acid) There are a couple of case files pertaining to pancreatitis at the end of this article
 My daughter Rachel, 33 yrs. old... diagnosed with chronic pancreatitis, displayed all the symptoms. severe pain, etc., with history of many repeated trips to the hospital.
I purchased a jar of vitamin C (500 tablets, 1000 mg).  One evening she came to my room. Another attack was ensuing. With tears in her eyes, (at this point, it was more from frustration than pain) she exclaimed that she'd have to the hospital again soon.
I gave her 5 tablets (5,000 milligrams = 5 grams).  Within a half hour the pain was starting to subside. So I had her take another 5 tablets. So... within one and one half hours from the onset of the attack, Rachel was virtually pain free, and without the aid of any painkillers.
Vitamin C is completely safe. No bad side effects. (exception: if you took 100 tablets [100,000 milligrams = 100 grams] then you may or may not get diarrhea)
Vitamin C is amazing... Great for so many human associated ailments... You should keep this in mind... Most of our good doctors are either ill-informed or misinformed and that with their large caseloads, are generally, much too busy for researching alternative medicine. Keep in mind this.... Fact: That big pharmaceutical companies are more interested in profit than health. (Do the research)
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